Railway Station Codes

Check Railway Station Codes for Easy Booking of Tickets
18.07.2013 12:53
There are more than 7500 railway stations in India. Some are small and not very busy while others are very large, busy and provided with all facilities. In the past, when you booked tickets in the train, you had to provide the name of the station from which you board the train and get down. But now instead of the name, railway station codes are given. So when you book tickets in trains, you need to know the station code. Indian Railways use alphabetic codes to represent a station instead of its name. Most of the codes have obvious connections with the railway stations they represent, but some do not show much connection with the names of the station.
To check railway station codes, you have different options. You can go to the railway station and get the codes of different stations or call at the call centers to get all the details. Checking the code online on the website of Indian Railways or IRCTC is the easiest and most convenient method to get the code of any railway station.
Some of the stations in India are very old serving the nation for more than a century. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Chennai Central Railway Station and Howrah Station are some among them. The Howrah Station is the largest and second busiest station in India, with 23 platforms. The Chennai Central Railway Station is the headquarters of South India. So, check railway station codes before you book your ticket, especially when it is done online.


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