Railway Station Codes

Checking For Indian Railway Station Codes
19.10.2013 12:02

Indian Railways is the fourth largest rail network in the world and also is the most favorite choice of majority of Indians in their outstation trips. As almost all trains are full during all seasons, it is very essential for you to book your ticket well in advance if you are planning for a train journey. Usually the ticket booking is open from 30 days prior to the scheduled date, so you can log into the online ticket booking portal anytime from anywhere and book your tickets comfortably. However, while booking tickets or checking for trains, one important thing you may be aware of is the Indian Railway station codes.

In case of a train travel, it sometimes becomes difficult to identify the railway stations just with the names of the places. There may be more than one station in a city, so passengers may get confused. This is why each station is being assigned with a unique station code, which is being used for ticket booking and other railway related services. Generally, the station codes are the abbreviated form of the name of the city of village. You need to know these abbreviations while checking for trains between stations or doing the ticket booking.

Entering the station codes completely avoid the possibility of confusion or mistakes in terms of ticket booking. So, in order to search for the Indian Railway station codes, you can make use of the code search facility in the IRCTC website. By simply entering the station name, you can get the abbreviated code, which can be further entered into the booking field. There are a lot of other websites offering the service of checking for station codes, where you can enjoy several customized option in searching for station codes.


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