Railway Station Codes

  • Railway Station Codes Help You to Book Tickets Easily - 19. Dec 2013
    Nowadays Railway Station Codes are used to book tickets instead of giving the names of the railway stations. To book tickets you have to provide the source and destination stations. This will give you a list of all the trains that run on that route on the specific day. Some may be early in the morni... mehr
  • Railway Station Codes – Facilitates Easy Booking of Tickets in the Right Train - 04. Dec 2013
    One of the biggest and the busiest railway networks in the world, Indian Railways offers comfortable journey across India. The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Department has developed online ticket booking system for enabling travelers to book ticket from the comfort of their home, office or wh... mehr
  • Checking For Indian Railway Station Codes - 19. Oct 2013
    Indian Railways is the fourth largest rail network in the world and also is the most favorite choice of majority of Indians in their outstation trips. As almost all trains are full during all seasons, it is very essential for you to book your ticket well in advance if you are planning for a train jo... mehr
  • Information about Indian Railway Station Codes - 25. Sep 2013
    Indian Railways is a government-owned establishment, administered by the Railway Ministry. The railway was first started in India in the year 1853 by the British government. They have laid the first rail lines in India and then slowly developed it to cover the entire nation through railroads. Later ... mehr
  • Indian Railway Station Codes – Facilitate Easy Booking of Tickets - 16. Aug 2013
    Indian Railways is one of the largest rail networks in the world, with more than 10,000 trains and 7500 railway stations. To travel in trains, one has to book tickets in advance. When you book your tickets online, you have to type the source and destination stations on the space provided. If you kn... mehr

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