Railway Station Codes

Indian Railway Station Codes – Facilitate Easy Booking of Tickets
16.08.2013 16:15
Indian Railways is one of the largest rail networks in the world, with more than 10,000 trains and 7500 railway stations. To travel in trains, one has to book tickets in advance. When you book your tickets online, you have to type the source and destination stations on the space provided.  If you know Indian Railway station codes, your ticket booking becomes faster because you have to type the station codes instead of the name of the stations. The passenger station codes are always alphabetical in nature, but you can find station codes other than alphabetical also in Indian Railways.
The railway station codes in India do not contain more than three to four letters. For example, the Delhi railway station code is DLI, and that of Lucknow is LKO. Recently some of the railway stations, which have only four letters, are represented by the name itself. For example, the station code of Pune was earlier PA and now it is changed to PUNE. GYA is now changed to GAYA, PUI to PURI and KTT to KOTA. So the name and the station codes are the same for these stations. 
By logging on to the website of IRCTC you will get all the station codes and other details regarding each railway station. Other than online on the website of the Indian Railways and IRCTC, you can also make enquiries at the railway station or contact the call centers to get the Indian Railway station codes. There are also other websites on which you can log in and check the railway station codes.


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