Railway Station Codes

Information about Indian Railway Station Codes
25.09.2013 17:15

Indian Railways is a government-owned establishment, administered by the Railway Ministry. The railway was first started in India in the year 1853 by the British government. They have laid the first rail lines in India and then slowly developed it to cover the entire nation through railroads. Later in 1947, when India got independence, the Indian Government took over the administration of railways. For the past several decades, railway is committed to offer the best in-class services and amenities to the passengers, which now makes the rail travel the most favorite choice of the common people in India. There are more than 20 million passengers who travel in trains daily. Indian Railways now has more than 7000 stations altogether and each of them has unique Indian Railway station codes.

You can get to know the stations codes of railway stations in India from the railway timetable. Knowing the stations codes will help you while searching for trains as well as when booking your tickets. The station codes are usually 3-letter alphabet codes, which may be the short-from of the stations names.

You have to mention the station codes in the railway ticket booking form and also the stations codes will be mentioned in your tickets. Apart from the railway time table, you can also check for the stations codes and related information through online website of Indian Railways. The IRCTC website, www.irctc.co.in also has the information related to Indian Railway station codes, train timings, ticket booking, and PNR status checking.


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